Join us on a trip of a lifetime!!!

May 10, 2013 for a three week wonder trip to the mother land. You will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the people and the land learning about the natural resources that Africa offers the world.       ​​

Join us ​​May 10, 2013 til May 31, 2013 spend one week in each country. Join Nnamdi Moweta o KPFK Radio Afrodicia and the Trinity Cross Foundation for The Diamond Tour, History of the industry, with meetings being hosted by industry leaders in each country. Visit and see land where a Family Reunion Resort will be built, and be part of history as Mr. Moweta interviews officials, dignitaries, artist, business people and travel and tourist officials, about the potential for business, cultural and social contacts, between African Americans and this region of the continent.​

​                                                   WIN A FREE TRIP
​​Enter a Raffle to draw three members from the public, who will win fully paid trips with the group. Call Anderson Hitchcock, Executive Director, Trinity Cross Foundation.@ 323-898-3064 or email for "How to enter"

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